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Making music is now fun and easy with MuseScore, one of the most popular open source score writers today. This music editing tool comes with a user-friendly interface and packed with amazing features. This software also allows you to print or share your score with your online friends conveniently. MuseScore is compatible with the most widely used operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. The software is available in 48 languages, making it suitable to English and non-English speaking users.

What are you waiting for? Save your copy and start enjoying this excellent software designed for all aspiring musicians. Let the world hear your creations and download MuseScore now for free!

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Download MuseScore for Free

MuseScore is a popular software currently used by many in creating their own music sheet, play with it and print it. This software is FREE to use by anyone which is compatible to different common operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. It is packed with amazing features and one of which is it gives the user the ability to control spaces and sizes of the following; clef, performance mark, stave and a lot more. This software comes with an Android version as well as on a portable application allowing anyone with an easy access. With its great features, the more you will use this software the more you'll find it impressive and handy.

MuseScore is the perfect tool if you want to create and have fun with your music. You will also have the power to edit it in case you feel like editing it to be more creative and print it with ease. This software supports a lot of file formats with the ability to import and export specific formats. Online publishing is also supported so users can share it to everyone. If you’ve subscribed to, you are given the privilege to share your score online. This is a simple software yet filled with dozens of features you will appreciate as a music lover.

Downloading MuseScore can be done straightforward. Anyone can download it on Windows, Mac and Linux. Its total file size is about 37 MB which is quite small. Using this software is easy because aside from its user friendly interface, it comes with a total of 48 languages. Both English speaking and non-English users may use, download and install this software without any difficulties. To make it even easier, beginners may find a useful handbook on site to provide the needed support one needs in order to attain an easy and smooth downloading process.